“Don’t give up on your dreams, even if it’s hard to see, you can make it happen, if you trust and believe.”

With a wide vocal range, powerful baritone voice, raw grit, and smooth falsetto, Stephen Edmond Jr is captivating.  Inspired by R&B and Pop artists from several eras, most notably the 80's and 90's, Stephen’s sound takes you on an inspirational journey of emotion through love, loss, and triump

Stephen Edmond Jr is a talented and inspirational singer / songwriter, who has persevered against the odds to bring his passion and love for music into focus in his life. 

Through a personal journey of love lost and a battle for his life, Stephen Edmond Jr. became the artist he is today.  See his full story here.

In early 2016, Stephen Edmond Jr released his first EP, The Way to You.  As a result of his vast vocal abilities, the sounds of the tracks on his EP include an up-tempo dance hit, a sexy, passion-filled single, and a romantic ballad.  In early 2017, Stephen was featured as the vocalist on indie hip-hop artist, JSkillz’, hit track, Star of My Life, gaining over 19,000+ plays on SoundCloud in its first month.  Long-time Producer, Juan Blair, of Uglyfingers Productions (The Way to You EP) has collaborated with Stephen once again on his newest release.  Stephen’s much anticipated single,Krazy, dropped in July 2017.

Stephen is quickly gaining widespread recognition as a singer/songwriter in the UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

While music is his first love, inspiring his fans to reach for their dreams is a close second.  As Stephen often says, “Stay Strong, Stay Positive!”